Leaving a personalized mark on your journey to and through parenthood...

Birth & Postpartum Doula services: Lactation services, meal preparation and delivery services as well as housekeeping and Placenta Encapsulation and placenta products such as Tinctures and Salves

Welcome to Birthmark Omaha

I’m a full spectrum perinatal¬† support professional who walks alongside you from fertility, through postpartum and all of the milestones in between.

You are not alone in this: welcome home to your village. We are family here.

Birth and Labor Doula

I am a Birth Doula whom walks with you on your journey to parenthood answering questions you have, doing prenatal education and building birth…

Postpartum and Newborn Care

I offer in home shifts to assist you navigating in the adjustment of adding a child into your family and home as well as the hurdles that accompanies this…

Lactation & Feeding Support

I offer in home, in hospital and virtual lactation support including latch assessments, trouble shooting sessions as well as answering your…

DNA Memorial Keepsakes

I am a DNA Artisan Certified Jeweler whom takes the most important DNA remnants and turns them into memorial jewelry and keepsake items. These…

Placenta Encapsulation

I am a BEST certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. I arrange pick up of the Placenta and use one of the 2 preservation methods to create capsules…

Homebirth Consulting

I also attend your birth with you in person should this be 4 hours or 40 hours in length by your side supporting you, empowering you and cheering…


“Thank you so much for all your support. I couldn’t have done it without you. You even got there before my own mom did!”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Doula?

A doula is a professionally trained companion who is not a healthcare professional but who supports another individual through a significant life changing experience, such as childbirth, miscarriage,or stillbirth, or non-reproductive experiences such as the process of dying, divorce, or a major health diagnosis. A doula may also provide support to the client’s partner, family, and friends through these events. The doula’s role, is to help the client feel safe and comfortable, complementing the role of the healthcare professionals who provide the client’s medical care and be a member of the care team providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support.

Do you attend Home Births?

I attend home births on a case by case basis which is dependant on multiple factors. Please reach out to me to determine if I would be a good fit for your ideal home birth experience. If I am not that’s okay; I am happy to help you find the perfect match for your birth preferences and giving you connections to those who can serve your needs best.

Does having a Doula replace my partner? How can you serve them?

No having a Doula in any stage of pregnancy or parenthood is in no way meant to replace your partner but instead to enhance everyone’s expereince. Your partner or familial support person knows you best and as a Doula I know, birth, postpartum, and lactation best so together we are a team best equipted to serve you personally and professionally through your needs as equal members of your birth team.

What if I don't have a partner?

No partner? No problem! I am happy to spend extra time to get to know you personally and this helps to close those gaps and these clients do feel equally supported as no person should have to birth alone if they don’t want to; so reach out and we will work together to work something out.